WEATHER AWARE DAYS Wednesday & Thursday: Record-breaking Heat


WEATHER AWARE DAYS Wednesday and Thursday due to temperatures well into the 90s with heat index values around 100 degrees. Although we are entering early October, you can easily get heat exhaustion during the hottest part of the day. Make sure to take frequent breaks, drink plenty of fluids, and find shade to stay cool.

A front will move across the region late Thursday. This may produce a few showers and thunderstorms, but not expecting much at this time. This is not good with our current drought status.

Friday will be cooler with highs in the 70s. Saturday will be a very nice day with highs ranging in the upper 60s to mid 70s. Sunday will be another nice day with highs in the 70s. Another front will cross the area early next week. Signs point at some beneficial rainfall…. I certainly hope so. We desperately need the rain.